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Beit Sha'ar

Film Title (Arabic): Beit Sha'ar (Egypt-Germany-Kuwait-UAE, HDV)
Film Title (English): Nomad's Home
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 61 mins 
Production: Film Follows Function (Germany), Linked Productions (Kuwait) & Dubai Entertainment and Media Organisation / Enjaaz
Producers: Talal Al-Muhanna & Iman Kamel (UAE)
Writer & Director: Iman Kamel
Director of Photography: Ute Freund
Editor: Klaudia Begic
Dramaturge & Co-writer: Klaus Freund
Composer: Frieder Butzman
Vocalist: Kiva Simova
Featuring: Selema Gabali & Iman Kamel

Synopsis: An encounter between Egyptian filmmaker Iman Kamel and Selema Gabaly - a Bedouin social entrepreneur in the Sinai Desert.  Although these two Arab women were born of entirely different social and cultural circumstances within Egypt, Iman contending with her city life and Selema with her tribal existence in the mountains, the film reveals how their lives are more connected than might appear on the surface.

Beit Shaar was selected for screening at Cinema-in-Motion 5 at the 2009 San Sebastian Film Festival and showcased in the 2009 Dubai Film Connection - Dubai International Film Festival's co-production market for feature films.

World Premiere: Dubai International FIlm Festival 2010 "Jury Special Mention" Muhr Competition.

International Premiere: 22nd FESPACO 2011 (Burkina Fasso)

National Premiere: Cairo Documentary Festival 2011

Awards: "Best Director" & "Best Cinematography" @ 11th independent Film Festival Cairo 2011


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