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Title: U.O.Me (U.K., 16mm, 2008)
Genre: Musical Comedy
Duration: 12 minutes
Production: Northern Film School
Producers: Talal Al-Muhanna & Krishna Francis
Writer/Director/Editor: Krishna Francis
DOP: Steven Wyatt
Production Designer:
Zoe Shaughnessy

Synopsis: A musical divertissement in which a forlorn debt collector connects with a distraught mail-order bride - each discovering the new love of their lives.

Cast: Blayne Bennett, Augustina Seymour, Mary Booth, Thomas Frith, Tara Lofthouse, Melanie Dagg, Nick Pennington, Ebrahim Bedat & Antony Blakesely.

Photo Credit:
Silas Dominey

Presented at:  Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market 2010 & Short Film Corner at Cannes 2010.