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Habibi 99

Film Title: Habibi 99 (digital feature)
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Duration: 90 mins 
Production: Sofia Media Group (Kuwait)
Producer: Talal Al-Muhanna
Writer: Mousaed Khaled

Synopsis: In conservative Middle Eastern societies where single guys and gals can’t connect for real, the drive to date still persists: In Habibi 99, the male 20-something operator of the eponymous dating service from the film's title takes the audience on a comic ride with his pals through the extraordinary terrain of mobile telephony dating culture in the Arabian Gulf. At the same time, he finds himself unable to express his true feelings to the girl of his dreams - who also happens to be the pre-recorded voice of Habibi 99... 

A selected project of Interchange - an initiative of Torino Film Lab, EAVE and Dubai International Film Festival.

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