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Damad (The Bridegroom)

Film Title: Damad (The Bridegroom)
Genre: Fiction 
Duration: 90 mins (in development)
Associate Producer: Talal Al-Muhanna
Writers: Teymour Tehrani & Mojtaba Yousefipour

Synopsis: In the fictional drama “Damad” - which means ‘bridegroom’ in the Farsi language - writers Mojtaba Yousefipour and Teymour Tehrani explore the issue of arranged marriages in Iranian society as it affects immigrants in the U.K.

In this particular story the drama centers on the developing conflict between a 28 year old Iranian immigrant named Mahdi and his conservative father - a merchant who has come to England to visit his son with the intention of forcing the young man into an arranged marriage with an Iranian girl ‘back home’.

In the story, Mahdi is taken by surprise when his father unexpectedly shows up with the surprise announcement that a marriage ‘deal’ has been struck with a family business partner back home in Iran.  Suddenly, Mahdi is expected to give up his liberal Western lifestyle, wed the business partner’s daughter and return to Iran to live. 

However, things are not so simple as that for Mahdi:  He not only has an English girlfriend (Dawn) but has, in fact, been recently engaged to her (but without his father’s knowledge).  When Dawn makes a public display of her engagement in front of Mahdi’s father, a quarrel ensues between father and son and - crushed by his son’s defiance - the father suffers a heart attack.

With his father lying ill in hospital, Mahdi is now forced to choose between an ailing father and a fiancée making demands of her own.  As a result, Mahdi’s will falters and his fiancée senses this.

In the battle to retain his independence and make decisions of his own free will against the pressures of tradition and his familial obligations, Mahdi grapples with the consequences of what this could mean both to his family and to his lover.


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