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The Freeze

Title: The Freeze (U.K., 16mm, 2008)
Genre: Short fiction/fantasy
Director: Gemma Ovens
DOP: Oskar Idin
Talal Al-Muhanna
Format: Film

Synopsis: Roza has lived alone in the middle of a great forest since the death of her husband and young son many years ago. On the day of her 80th birthday she recieves a mysterious visit from her younger self who has brought with her the strangest surprise Roza could ever have imagined. A series of surreal events unfold which result in Roza playing a party game she will never forget. A sublime tale of magic, music and memories which takes a poignant look at the death of old tradition's and the throwaway values of today's culture.

Cast: Ruth Posner

Premiered at: Baltimore Women's Film Festival